Welcome to St. Peter Chanel Confirmation

Welcome Candidates and Parents to Confirmation!

This blog has been created to help support, encourage and provide information for Confirmation at St. Peter Chanel.

I have been working as the Confirmation Coordinator at St. Peter Chanel (SPC) for 4 years. Before that I worked as the middle school coordinator and before that as a Catechist with teens preparing for Confirmation. I love to see the teens grow in their relationship with Christ, watch the Holy Spirit work in the lives of the Candidates and their families and to see these teens grow to live the mission of the Catholic Church.

We have added many faces to the Confirmation Team, both adults and teens, that are excited to walk with you as Candidates and parents in this journey to Confirmation. The Team will serve as small group facilitators and presenters at our Confirmation sessions. I want to encourage you to get to know your Confirmation Small group leader. The teens will meet their small group leader at the first session, parents will be introduced to them via email after the first session.

Through Confirmation teens gain courage to share Christ’s love with others. I can’t wait to see how you will grow in Christian discipleship this year.

Your sister in Christ,


By spcreligiouseducation

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