10th Grade Confirmation Session 4: Nov 12 – The Eucharist

In our last Wednesday Confirmation session Fr. Desmond’s helped us explore the Eucharist. He asked that some teens take on the role of “reporter” while others in the small group were “bible thumpers.” The task of the bible thumper was to look up the scripture for their small group as Fr. Desmond helped them explore it. Was your teen a bible thumper? If they weren’t and they had a bible they were encouraged to join along.

What we do weekly at Mass, the early church was doing before any of them were even martyred. St. Luke summed it up the early church’s practice for us in Acts 2:42, “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching [Liturgy of the Word] and fellowship, to the breaking of bread [Liturgy of the Eucharist] and the prayers.”

I hope this summary is helpful as you help your teen process some of the Eucharist session.

Summary -Session 4 – The Eucharist

Even as adults, we are never going to be able to fully grasp this concept of Eucharist, but hopefully your own reading of scripture and other spiritual reading helps you come to a place of peace and joy in receiving the Eucharist and then becoming Christ for others! If you or your teen are interested in additional spiritual reading on the Eucharist, I suggest The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn.

While we are done with our Wednesday sessions I hope that your teen’s and family’s spiritual growth continues! Join the parish mission tonight and tomorrow night! Fr. Ron is a GREAT story teller! If your teen found the mid-week gathering worked well they are welcome to join the High School Bible Study that meets from 7-8:30 in classroom 2. There are many Confirmation teen leaders and some of the second year candidates that participate in this weekly youth ministry activity. Come when you can!

We pray you have a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving break!

Candidates, Good Luck on any tests and/or projects you may have!

Kendra and the Confirmation Team

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