Good News it is NOT too late to experience God this Lent!

This week the Universal Church is celebrating not only the Risen Lord on Easter Sunday, but also the Institution of the Lord’s Supper, Jesus suffering and death on the road to Calvary. Here are the opportunities at St. Peter Chanel to remember and pray through these experiences. Families with children and teens are always welcome! (I grew up attending these liturgies and look forward to celebrating them with my own children. I not only remember and recall what Jesus went through, but some of my family memories are also part of my experience). Join us for one or more of these opportunities and your Easter blessings will grow!

Triduum Image 2015

Here are few things that might help you at home prepare for Easter and experience God in this season.

This is from a Lenten series of videos I have been following. Maybe there are a few thoughts will stand out for you.

Holy Week with Jesus. This blog post might help you get a better picture of what Jesus was experiencing during the final week of his life.

Jesus on a mountain

My prayer is that this Lent you and your family experience God in a new way!


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