Confirmation IGNITE: Parent Update (YR 2)

Our third and final IGNITE for Fall 2015 is underway! During these sessions we encourage the teens to ask questions and explore the topics we are covering so they might be able to embrace the Catholic faith and actively live it as a confirmed Catholic. Each small group discussion is so different. But it was great to see the candidates become more comfortable sharing opinions and answer the questions of others.

In the first part of IGNITE we discuss the Sacraments and while the teens have been learning about the Seven Sacraments since a very early age, each students experience of the Sacraments is different. We have tired to offer a new perspective on the Sacraments to help them understand these visible signs of God’s invisible grace. In one of the rotations we look at the Sacraments of Service and Communion, also known as Vocation. We invited them to start thinking about the characteristics they hope to have in a future spouse and to start praying for their spouse. We encouraged them to use this activity as a springboard to prayerfully create a list of 10-15 virtues and characteristics of their future spouse should embody. They can put this list in their bibles to turn to in the future as a guide to evaluate each relationship they enter. This may be something you can encourage or have a conversation about in the future. If you have not started already, pray for your teen’s vocation and future spouse if that is what God is calling them to. The power of prayer is awesome!

The teens also watched a fun video to help explain these Sacraments of Service and Communion and our universal call to holiness. I think is a short video you will enjoy, check out the Game of Life!

We also discussed prayer which we will continue to encourage and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As we spoke about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit our presenter shared that we received these Gifts at our Baptism and they will be strengthened at Confirmation. We also wanted to remind the teens that God is present in every activity of our lives. He also wants us to succeed and be filled with joy as we discover and live the purpose he has for us.

Each group was assigned a Gift of the Holy Spirit in which they were asked to convert a familiar Disney song to reflect the Gift they were given. Each group takes this seriously and it is amazing to hear the songs they choose and see how they are able to incorporate the Gift in the lyrics. Ask your teen what Gift of the Holy Spirit they were given and what song they chose. It is one of the more enjoyable parts of IGNITE!

In the coming weeks my goal is to post items for candidates, parents and sponsors to be able to reflect on the meaning of the Sacrament, in addition to sharing some of the details you will need to know as we approach the celebration of the Confirmation! I hope you will stop back often. You can subscribe to the blog and each post will come directly to your inbox!

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