Service Deadline Approaching

Dear Sacrament of Confirmation candidates and parents,

We are just a few weeks from the first service deadline – three project reflections (3 of 6 total) complete my March 1st.  How are you (your teen) doing with service AND the service reflections? Once the service is done, complete the online Confirmation Service Reflection form for each project you did and you will receive credit.

As a reminder: The Fall 2016 Confirmation Candidates will complete six (6) service projects and reflections for Confirmation preparation. The projects will reflect service in these areas: 2 for your family, 2 for your parish and 2 for the greater community. Ideally, you would have one from each category by March 1, but if you have completed 2 in one area of service you may report on what you have completed. If you need a little more clarification on the service areas, here is more information.

If you have any questions about service or anything for Confirmation preparation, please contact me.  Also, know the Confirmation Team is praying for you, both candidates and parents.

May you recognize the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life this weekend,



By spcreligiouseducation

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