Foundation Session 3 – Life in Christ

The last 9th grade + Confirmation Foundation Session focused on Life in Christ and Discipleship.

As Christians, we recognize:

  1. We are have new life in Christ. By our Baptism, as Sacrament and way of life you chose for your children, we are Son’s and Daughters of God! By raising them in a Catholic Christian home you have given them a unique perspective of life that is “Catholic” and different from much of the popular society around us. We believe that humanity is in the image and likeness of God, and it is good. We believe in the respect of every humanbeing and that we should treat each other with dignity. We care for those that are not able to care for themselves and we show love, because Christ, our God, did that for us.
  2. We are called by Jesus to discipleship, to follow him! One definition of discipleship is to follow Jesus rather than accommodating oneself to the demand and pressures of civil society. Jesus said, “Come follow me.” Mark 1:17. He extends to us a simple invitation to be with Him, “Come.”
  3. When we follow Jesus and become his disciple, there is a cost. Our lives and priorities change because we are God’s children. There are several examples of how Jesus describs the cost to follow him, Matthew 8:18-22 is one of those examples. He says the Son of man has no where to lay his head, meaning there are no material possessions in following Jesus and he does not always belong. In this same passage to another potential disciples he says “let the dead bury their dead,” meaning now is the time if you delay joining me it might become more difficult.

In the 3rd Catholic Foundation session we talked about what Jesus taught first disciples and applied it to our lives today.  As parents, you have the special and challenging role of guiding them through the world today with a Christ-centered focus. You help them discover their gifts and the purpose God created them for.  Keep up the good work! I want to encourage you and offer a little bit of reading for a refresher or a spiritual boost!  I am including a link to material that includes several points that we discussed in the foundation session: what fascinated people about Jesus of Nazareth, the 12 Key Themes of Jesus’ Message and a survey to help you discern how you are living out what Jesus taught (your teen already completed the survey during the session). There are always things that we can do to improve our discipleship.

I pray that with each Catholic Foundation session your candidate is growing in their relationship with God, and connecting wtih the Chruch’s mission. I love to have your feed back as we prepare for the next session.

Many prayers,

Kendra and the Confirmation Team



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