10th grade+: July Ignite Wrap-up

Ignite Thank you parents and Candidates for a wonderful July Ignite session!

Our second day of Ignite focus in on the Sacrament of Confirmation, the Church Tour and writing our letter to Msgr. Peter to request the Sacrament of Confirmation and how they intend to live the confirmed life.

The teens enjoy dressing up as bishops and candidates as we look at each part of the Rite of Confirmation. We also looked behind the scenes at the Church getting to know some of the Saints in our windows and Sanctuary spaces: Altar, Working Sacrasty, Ambry (where the holy oils are kept) and Ambo. We hope they will be stepping up to fill many of the liturgical roles in the coming years!

We talked about some of the tools they can use in their faith journey, prayer being number one. You may have also noticed they came home on Saturday with several gifts, an image they painted that related to one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and reminders of things that might help them to remember to use their Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The parish also purchased a YouCat for each of the candidates. This a tool that these young adults can use to find answers and grow in understanding of the faith.

By spcreligiouseducation

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