9th Summary: Foundation Session 1 – Prayer

Hello parents and 2017 Candidates,

We had a wonderful first session as we discussed prayer and exprienced a few stations of prayer during the day. Your teens were very respectful and open to the activities and discussions of the day – Thank you!

During the session we briefly explored how we use prayer… do we communicated with Jesus to be our “magician” or are we in a relationship, seeking God’s will?

In a few roations we also explored:

  1. Forms of Prayer – Adoration, Confessions, Thanksgiving, Supplication (the needs of others and ourselves) and practiced a little free form prayer where we prayed outloud with a partner using the forms of prayer to guide us. Yes, it is a little uncomfortable to pray with someone else, but still something to good to include in the ways we pray.
  2. Praying with Scripture – Using the ancienct form of Lectio Divina (Read, Reflect, Respond and Rest) the teens prayed with the gospel that fell on thier 2016 birthday.
    1. You can look up your birthday Gospel too using the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops webiste, usccb.org. The calendar in the right corner links to the readings for each day of the year – YES, the church has that and wants us to read scripture!
  3. Models of prayer – Scripture gives us many models of communicating wtih God, from Abram (Abraham), Moses, David, Jesus, and the disciples. We looked at a few models of prayer and at God’s invitation, how he invites these people to greatness and how they grew in receptivity of God’s will for their lives. We can look for these same things in our communication with God.

Family Questions Discussion Starters: (these are for both the candidate, parent and other family members to discuss)

  • What is your favorite prayer or type of prayer?
  • On a scale of 1-10, where is your relationship with Jesus? Why do you think that?
  • How often do you communicate with your savior? Is that enough or do you want to include more time in prayer with Jesus?

Here were a few videos from the session that might also be fun to help you engage your teen/family in a faith converstaion.

Who do you say that I am?

We can often communicate with God like he is our magician, but is that really how we schould communicate with him? Are we seeking our will or God’s will?

Mark Wahlber on Faith, Family, Hard Work and What We Prays for. – We only showed a short part of this clip (about the last 40 seconds), but I am sharing with you to provide positive examples of the importance of our Catholic faith.


We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! See everyone on Sunday, Dec. 4 for the next Catholic Foundation Session!

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