9th summary: Foundation Session 2 – Worship and Sacraments

Dear parents,

Sunday’s session focused on the  7 Sacraments of the Cathoic Church. We briefly talked about these Sacraments being “so big” in the Catholic Church becasue we see them as building blocks of our experiences of Christ’s love and the Salvation he has for us. From there we didn’t just “review” them but challenged the teens to go deeper with why do we use the items we use in the ritual of these Sacraments.

Some questions to continue to the conversation at home:

  • What is your favorite Sacrament and why?
  • Why is Baptism the central Sacrament to the Christian/Catholic Faith?
  • What is your response to someone when they ask you if you are saved?

Here are some of the videos used during the session and our closing reflection:


Why Observe the Sacraments?


Sacraments 101: Baptism

Pope Francis: The Sacraments will make you strong!

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