Confirmation Gown Information

Hello 2017 Confirmation Families!

Confirmation is just 3 days away!!! And I can’t wait!

Sunday at the rehearsals the Candidates took home their white Confirmation Gowns. Please let me know if you have ANY problems with them, (zippers, sizing isn’t quite right, etc.)

Gown Information:  If you take a look and feel like you need to wash the gown, please wash it in cold on delicate. You can put it in the dryer for a delicate cycle or hang dry.

If you wish to press the gown, turn inside out and press with a warm, not hot iron. Steaming is also an option for getting the creases/folds out.

Here is a video from Matthew’s Kelly’s Decision Point (10.4 On the Day) that might help you prepare and be fully present for the Sacrament. All these videos are great, but I do highly recommend On the Day.

Know the Confirmation team is praying for you!!! I hope the rest of your week goes well!



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