Reminder: FUEL Session Sunday

Dear 2018 Candidates and Parents,

REMINDER: This Sunday, December 3, 2-6 pm is the second FUEL Session. Check-in begins at 1:45 in McNamee Hall. We will attend Mass as a group, sitting as small groups in reserved seating. Following Mass, the teens are released and able to find you freely.

We are going to review “Worship and Sacraments” through small group challenges. It is a fun session to prepare and I hope your teen will find it engaging.


For a review of Sacraments please WATCH Sketchy Catholicism: Sacraments (6:24 mins) and briefly DISCUSS which Sacrament you each find the most meaningful or important in your life now.

It is the first Sunday if Advent and we have our traditional blessing of the Advent Wreath during. If your family is attending the 5pm Mass consider bringing the one you use at home to be blessed.

We are looking forward to seeing you all Sunday!

Kendra Lockhart and the Confirmation Team


Confirmation Coordinator

By spcreligiouseducation

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