Confirmation Make-up Session: Afternoon of Reflection

INSTRUCTIONS: This online make-up session is for the Candidate and Sponsor. Please complete this make-up session together. The pair will listen to the podcast together, complete the discussion questions (1-7 on the first page) from the Afternoon of Reflection-Spiritual Action Plan and complete the Candidate and Sponsor Response portion below. The additional pages are for your own discussion and reflection. If gathering together in person as a Candidate and Sponsor is not possible, a video chat can be used as a substitute for the in person gathering. Complete and email Kendra Lockhart the Confirmation Coordinator your responses by Sunday, September 24.


The theme for the Confirmation Afternoon of Reflection was on the missionary mandate and the call to holiness we we each receive when  Baptized into the Christian community. In the Sacrament of Confirmation it is echoed again as we receive the Holy Spirit just as the apostles did in the book of Acts, chapter 2. After receiving the Holy Spirit the Apostles shared the news about Jesus with all of Jerusalem and 3,000 people joined their community, in one day!

Listen to Fr. Mike Schmitz’s talk, “We Must Go Out: the Sacrament of Confirmation,” This link leads to the Lifeteen blog which has free download of this talk, scroll to the bottom of the post. This will help you in preparing your responses below.


The Candidate: After listening to this podcast the candidate will…Complete a short essay in the Missionary Mandate and email it to

Your short essay on Missionary Mandate will include: What is the Missionary Mandate? How or why does a person respond to the Missionary Mandate? Include several scripture verses to reflect what the Missionary Mandate or the Great Commission. This essay should be about 400 words and emailed to Kendra Lockhart, Use both information from We Must Go Out: The Sacrament of Confirmation and one or two more sources.

The Sponsor: After listening to the podcast and having a conversation with you candidate, email Kendra Lockhart, Confirmation Coordinator, sharing one thing that stood out from your converstaion with your candidate and how you will continue to encourage your candidate to live the missionary mandate.

This make-up (by candidate and sponsor) should be completed and sent to Kendra by Sunday, September 24.

Thank you,

St. Peter Chanel’s Confirmation Team


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