Confirmation Make-up Session 3: Courageous Witness

Candidate and parent(s)/guardian, one of the goals of the Confirmation program is for the Candidates to be able to discuss their faith with others. This includes the facts about Jesus’ church but also our individual and family experience of Christ’s love. In this make-up session you are creating a small group for discussion and experience.

Please read the following links, then reflect individually on the questions. After a completing your individual reflection (you may want to write your thoughts down) discuss with each other your answers. Allow for additional discussion about the question or the topic. After the discussion, complete the reflection questions at the bottom of the page, hit submit and you will receive credit for Confirmation Session 3 – Courageous Witness.

This session has been estimated to take between 1-1.5 hours.

This session the gifts of the Holy Spirit and some men and women that have used these gifts in different ways.

Opening Prayer: (one person should read this prayer out loud for the pair, or you could take turns reading each phrase starting with the Gift of the Spirit line.)

Intro activity: Gifts of the Holy Spirit Activity

Watch: First 1.06 mins of this Fr. Robert Barron video

Read: Courageous Witness Teaching, read pages 168-171 of this link and then answer the questions below.

Question 1: Who is your hero? Why?

Question 2: How do our Catholic hero’s, the saints, differ from some of your other hero’s? How are they similar?

Question 3: A common characteristic of those that follow Jesus is suffering. Why? Check out Matt. 5:11-12, Luke 9:23-24, John 16:33 to see what Jesus says about our suffering.

Question 4: Even though suffering is difficult Jesus promises we will not be alone in your suffering. Read Matthew 28:20 and Romans 5:1-5. What do these verses say about who will be with us and what we will gain in our suffering?

 Read: Then as parent and candidate read about 2 saints of your choosing. You can research them on your own or you can use the pages from the link above, pages 172-175 of the Courageous Teaching link.

Question 5: How did they witness to or live like Jesus? What challenges did they overcome in their life that made them a saint?

Now complete the reflection question in the form below and hit submit and you will receive credit for the missed session.


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