Confirmation Make-up Session 1: Sealed and Sent

Candidate and parent(s)/guardian, one of the goals of the Confirmation program is for the Candidates to be able to discuss their faith with others. This includes the facts about Jesus’ church but also our individual and family experience of Christ’s love. In this make-up session you are creating a small group for discussion and experience.

Please watch the following videos, together is suggested, then reflect individually on the questions. After a period of time of individual reflection (you may want to write your thoughts or a short note down) then  share your individual answers with each other and discuss the question and the videos. After the discussion, complete the  reflection questions at the bottom of the page, hit submit and you will receive credit for Confirmation Session 1 – Why have I been Chosen.

This session has been estimated to take between 1-1.5 hours.

Our first session focused on Why & What are we preparing for in this Sacrament of Confirmation?

Please note that for the discussion questions there are no “right or wrong” answers but questions for discussion.

Opening Prayer: (This is one of the prayers the bishop will say when you are confirmed. As you listen to the words, pick one line that “jumps out at you” to reflect upon a bit more…)

  • All-powerful God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • by water and the Holy Spirit
  • you freed your sons and daughters from sin
  • and gave them new life.
  • Send your Holy Spirit upon them to be their helper and guide.
  • Give them a spirit of wisdom and understanding,
  • the spirit of right judgment and courage,
  • the spirit of knowledge and reverence.
  • Fill them with the spirit of wonder and awe in your presence.
  • We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Watch: Decision Point – Confirmation, Session 10:Intro

Question 1: What is one idea in this short film that you found most helpful?

Watch: Decision Point – Confirmation, Session 10:1

Q2: Do you believe that God has good plans for you? Why or why not?

Q3: What can you do to find out the plans God has for your future?

Watch: Decision Point – Confirmation, Session 10:3

 Q4 – Candidate: In what practical ways do you think Confirmation will change you?

Q4 – Parents: How did Confirmation change you?

Q5: Which of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit could you most use at this time in your life?

Read: The Ritual of Confirmation  – Symbols

Q6:  Name 2 symbols that you learn something about from the Ritual of Confirmation Symbol information (link above?)

Watch: Decision Point – Confirmation, Session 10:4

Q8 – Candidate: Why do you want to be confirmed? Do you think you are ready? What else do you need to do to prepare?

Q8 – Parent: Why do you want your teen to be confirmed? How have you seen your teen grow spiritually since the start of Confirmation preparation as a 9th grade student?

Watch: Decision Point – Confirmation, Session 10:5

Now complete the reflection questions and hit submit and you will receive credit for the missed session.